1. Aash-Cote Glass Flake Coating System
Polyester Glass Flake
Vinylester Glass Flake
Superior Novalac Vinylester Glass Flake
Epoxy Glass Flake
2. Gee-Wet Under Water Coating Systems
3. Gee-Flor Flooring Systems
4. Aash-Thane Polyuerthane Coating System
5. Aash-Tech Speciality Maintenance Coating System
6. Aash-Tech General Maintenance Coating System
7. PU Foam Spray

We at ACTPL thrive to maintain quality, innovative solutions, maximize customer satisfaction and have products environmentally friendly in the field of Anti-corrosion coatings, linings floorings and paints by aiming continuously for perfection in all our activities. To achieve this goal we benchmark our activities constantly, to adapt ourselves with the changing requirements of customers and environmental regulations.


We are committed to maximize customer satisfaction by providing them with world-class products, services, solutions and excellent service support that meet or exceed the global industry standards.


We follow a process based in all our business operations, including mutually beneficial relations with our customers, dealers and all professionals associated with us, together with growth of our personnel for enhanced business productivity and profitability.


The intention is to achieve these aims through the implementation of Quality Management System that meets the requirement of ISO 9001:2000.

Specialised Coating Application
Internal Spray Machine Internal Blasting Machine


Provides a durable, corrosion-resistant barrier layer over the surface to be protected.


Thin, smoth coating enhances flow capacity of previously corroded mains enabling pressure reduction to be readily achived.


Does not affected pH of conveyed water.



For the lining of potable water mains, raw water fire mains, industrial water lines. Where a pipeline is suffering from internal & external corrosion which are caused by water, chemicals, environment etc. Where a smooth bore is needed and basically for protection against corrosion and erosion problems.


Pipes from 4' and above can be coated by us.
For smaller sizes please contact our technical department.


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